We adapt our different offers to the needs of the business. If you want to test or verify your business idea, you can do it in our facilities or with our partners. The test can consist of optimizing the product or accompanying the innovation process from idea to market launch.

Testing can be small scale or full scale in our modern test labs or take the idea directly to our operational test facilities in the field.

Delivery can consist of a few hours in a meeting, problem solving in a workshop, smaller tests, or a longer run with prototype development and subsequent testing.

Prototype development

We help you to further develop a prototype for your concept. This can be assistance with the creation of a specification or the production of the prototype. We have a competent team and partners that we connect with the project if needed.

Testing in laboratories

Together with our partners, we offer a selection of testing options in our laboratories. Here you can perform small tests or comprehensive tests, depending on your needs. We also guide you through a process from small scale to large scale in different laboratories, if required. Here you can test concepts for energy generation, energy storage, energy distribution and management.

Testing in ocean space

Test your components or solutions in a real ocean environment – above or below water.

Tests on boats

Test your components or solutions on board ships in the field.

Testing of intelligent energy systems

We offer testing of components and systems either off-grid or in smart grid solutions where one is connected to the power grid.


Learn about the latest technology in energy production, storage, distribution and management. Gain expertise in the new technologies to quickly realize the potential for your business. Practical application and theoretical training combined.

We have state-of-the-art collaboration equipment for working meetings for a good innovation session. This is where people meet for creative ideation and problem solving. We facilitate with good tools and support the process. We can customize a workshop to meet the needs of the business. We also have a studio available for video conferencing and the like.